Saturday, 27 June 2015

Being kind to yourself + my new room

Once again we have failed to write any posts as predicted, we are really sorry to anyone who actually reads them which is probably only like 1 person if we are lucky- we have been busy with GCSE's! Also, i noticed that our older posts are quite terrible / embarassing so i promise we will try to improve them hopefully over summer. We hope you are all well and here is a little post.

I think that taking care of yourself is really important and sometimes you need some time for yourself, here are some of my favourite products:

    Dirty works: buff your stuff scrub £3 (i use this in the bath when shaving my legs and it leaves my       skin feeling really soft)
    Magik: Dead sea salts £5.99 ( i got this from Holland and Barrett, i've only used it once as i got it       recently but it seems great to put in your bath to relax)
    Champneys: skin comforting butter £10 (this is quite expensive but i got it as a present in a pack         and it honestly smells amazing)
    Lush: Dark angels £6.75 ( i use this atleast once a week to exfoliate my skin and remove any dead     skin cells, it can be quite difficult to get off if you don't use a warm flannel but it hasn't irritated           my skin which is a plus!)
    Burts Bee's: soothing lip balm ( i can't actually find this on the website as it is quite old but they         have very similar ones. I do really like this but it can leave my lips a bit dry and i also have a tinted     lib balm of this which is lovely)
    Boots: lavender oil £5.49 ( i use this most nights on my pillow and i think it does help me get to         sleep and i find the smell very soothing- you could probably use this in a diffuser too)

This is my 'worry box', if i ever feel nervous about something ill write it on a piece of paper, put it in the hole and try my best not to think about it. In a few months i empty it and re-read them and it just makes me realise that things seem much bigger at the time. (Yes i did paint it and im aware it looks very bad haha)

   Here is a panorama of my new room- i just realised it looks very messy and the wall is incomplete      but oh well! 

   I hope you enjoyed this post! 

   - Steph

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

We hope you have a relaxing christmas and receive lot's of presents! Thank you to anyone who actually reads our blog haha :)

Friday, 3 October 2014


      Hello! we are terrible at uploading sorry, here's a little collage for Autumn

(click on the image for the link)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nail biting + SEVENTEEN rock hard nail effects review

Hey guys, i've recently stopped biting my nails so i thought i'd make a little post :)

Breaking the habit

I've bitten my nails ever since i remember and it wasn't just a little bit, my nails actually hurt and i would peel my skin off without even realising, gross! I had tried to stop before but i would always return to my bad habit after a while but i'm not sure what motivated me to try again this time, maybe it was because summer was approaching and seeing everyone with lovely nails made me think.

These are just a few things that helped me:

- if like me you bite your nails when you are nervous / without realising, when you are about to bite your nail pull on a hair band instead

- make a folder on your phone or computer with inspirational pictures and look at them everyday to keep you motivated

- i downloaded the 'biter be goner' app onto my phone which keeps track of your progress, you just need to take a photo frequently and it saves onto a log

- i also downloaded the 'habitual' app, everyday that you don't bite your nails you tick it off and the app sends you cute little inspirational notifications 

- some people find it easier to start with just one nail you won't bite and work your way from there

it was surprisingly not as difficult as i expected although my nails are no where near long they feel much better.


 SEVENTEEN Rock Hard Nails Effect: Black

                                                            [£3.99 & available in red,black,blue,grey]

While in boots i decided i wanted to find a matte black nail polish and the 'seventeen rock hard' was the only one i could find. i was really excited to paint my nails for the first time but i was also scared it would look silly as my nails are still short. 

  i didn't realise the nail polish was actually textured but i really love it, it has a gritty like pattern. It's a    little thicker than other nail varnishes but it is easy to apply and i only needed one coat although the  bottle said to apply two coats. It also dries very quickly which is great!

                                  sorry about the weird hand, i wasn't going to add this in!

[We hope you liked this post and if you have any free time we would really appreciate it if you could check out our friend's youtube channel the link is here and also in our sidebar, she makes such amazing & useful videos and she is so lovely!]

Friday, 1 August 2014

Summer Bucketlist

Things to complete over summer / ideas

Hello lovely's! If you are not going away over summer and are stuck at home, fear not we have made a list of things for you to do to make your summer more exciting. We will both going away so it will be harder to update our blog but thank you so much for sticking with us and we hope you have a relaxing holiday. 

- Make a summer scrapbook: stick lots of pictures, record funny stories and decorate it 
- Go on a nature walk: have a picnic while you are there
- Re-read your favourite book
- Volunteer in your local area: animal shelters, charity work, clubs etc
- Try ballon painting (like in princess diaries)
- Bake: we recommend this website
- Have a film marathon 
- Learn a new skill
- Tie dye your clothes
- Go to a place you have never been before: for example a city
- Spend a day at a lake
- Eat at a new restaurant 
- Create a playlist of your favourite songs
- Have a sleepover on a trampoline
- Go on a morning run
- Make something and sell it
- Go on a road trip
- Plant something in your garden
- Do something you've never done before/face your fears

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Skin Care/ Beauty Haul

Skincare&Beauty haul

Aloha everyone!This morning I went and did a little bit of shopping and I thought I would show you the Skin Care/ Beauty items which managed to sneak into my basket. 

This Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser is hydrating on dry skin but not too heavy sitting well on my skin as a base for my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in the shade 100 Ivory. This is an easy blendable medium to high coverage foundation which smells subtly of vanilla, one of the reasons I brought it.

I've always loved Dirty Works and really enjoy their products scents so I thought I'd try the 'Buff Your Stuff' Body Scrub. Seeing as the 'All of a Lather' shower gel is my favourite shower gel I gathered this would be just as nice.

My current Simple Gel Wash was running out so I picked up a similar one to my current one. I grabbed the Simple 'Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel' as it just looked kind to skin.

Simple Kind to Skin rich replenishing moisturiser & The Simple Kind to Eyes eye make up remover. (If you hadn't gathered, I really like Simple's sensitive skin care range)

Dirty Works Bath Soak, which smells really pretty and fresh. (I'm a little obsessed with Dirty Works too)

Uh oh more Dirty Works. Their hand cream and foot butter are one of my constant repurchases as they're super moisturising and have the classic Dirty Works scent.

Doctor Burts Herbal Blemish Stick. I was very sceptical when I found this but it works miracles for my skin and I use this before I even think of using a spot cream. Its rather expensive at £9.99 for the little bottle but you don't need much!

I'm sorry we haven't posted in over a month, Oopsie we have a lot to do with school work and other important things but we don't like neglecting our blog so we will start frequent posts again soon

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Random Outfits


it's Steph, i think i owe you guys an apology for not being on recently so i decided to make a little post. 

If you want to know more details on where to buy these clothes click
here, thank you for being so patient with us lovely's :)