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Foundations & Concealers Review ✿

Hello lovely's, today we will be reviewing some foundations. This will have both of our reviews on each product. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment telling us idea's for future post's, improvements, and recommendations for us to try. 

Steph's skin: combination, quite dry & acne prone

Libby's skin: combination, dry/normal

Disclaimer: please bare in mind Steph will be after a more full coverage to cover her acne and Libby also prefers to have more of a coverage. Also the Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer has been discontinued but can be purchased on Ebay and Amazon. Lastly, we are sorry if we offend anyone in this post, this is just our opinion. What doesn't work for us might work for you, everyone is different :)

 Neutrogena healthy skin foundation SPF 20:  £30.00

Steph's review:

I'd say this foundation is medium- full coverage depending on how much you use, it does cover my acne if i put quite a lot on but the only downside to this is that it can look cakey and orange if you don't blend it enough. I like that it is runny and it's very easy to use, i find using your fingers is the best way to apply it. The finish is dewy. The foundation lasts me all day but i noticed it does oxidise.

- covers imperfections
- nice finish
- nice texture
- easy to apply

- can look cakey
- orange

Libby's Review

This foundation is very easy to apply and you can build the layers without it getting cakey. It is thick and I wouldn't recommend wearing it everyday but for those 'back skin days'. It has a medium to full coverage but it doesn't cover my red blemish. It has a nice dewy finish to give you a healthy glow.

 - easy application
- dewy finish
- high coverage
- Spf 20

 - doesn't cover redness
- very thick

   Mua BB All In One Beauty Balm: £3.00

   Steph's review:
    I have sort of mixed emotions on this foundation, it does conceal my spots and it can be layered which is a plus side but it's VERY dry so if you use this make sure your skin is moisturised. I used to wear this in portugal when i went to the beach and it doesn't come off in the sea which i liked. The texture is very thick so if you like a more natural look i wouldn't recommend this as it can look a bit cakey too. This foundation is more yellow toned and isn't the best colour match for me. Overall i think for the price this foundation is okay.


- covers most spots
- easyish to apply


- really dry
- yellow undetones
- really thick
- a bit flakey

Libby's review: 
This is the first BB cream I've tried and it's a good medium coverage but it made my skin SO dry. I recommend it for oily skin but make sure to wear moisturiser. It's thick and a bit cakey if you build it. Furthermore it has a slightly yellow tinge to it and it and you can see you're wearing it also it tends to make me look fake. If you prefer a natural look I wouldn't recommend it. It has quite a matte finish which I didn't like because I like to have a dewy finish as it makes my skin look healthier and more awake.  

- cheap
- medium coverage

- thick
- can get cakey
- yellow tinge
- looks fake

No7 Essentially Natural: £9.95

Steph's Review:

When my face started getting getting worse I wanted something with a bit more coverage so I went to boots and the lady at the counter for no7 was really lovely, she colour matched me to 'calico' which I think is a bit too dark for me. She told me this would cover my spots and look natural at the same time, when I try this on now it doesn't cover any redness or spots,I think this is better for someone with no imperfections. Having said that, it does last all day and it is lightweight, it would be perfect if it had a bit more coverage. 


- nice texture
- lasts a long time
- doesn't clog pores
- lightweight
- looks fairly natural 

- doesn't cover redness or blemishes

Libby's review:

This is a nice foundation and I love that they match it to your skin colour, also Steph NEVER thinks that foundation matches her skin when it does. Its light consistency, easy to apply, light to medium coverage. I'd recommend this for people with naturally clear skin who just need something to give them confidence. It is long lasting with a naturally healthy finish. I would use this on a good skin day.

- colour match
- light texture
- healthy natural finish
- easy to apply

- not much coverage
- not very jewy

MUA Cover & Conceal: £1.50
Steph's review:
I think this concealer is better for under eyes, it's not that great at covering blemishes in my opinion. I couldn't find the lightest shade of this concealer so this was a bit orange on me as I have really pale skin. 

Libby's Review:

I use this concealer daily under my eyes to give me a more awake face. I brought it in a lighter shade than my skin to make my under eye circles bright. I am really happy with it for what it does under my eyes but it doesn't conceal spots very well and has a slightly sticky consistency.

- makes face look more awake
- cheap

- sticky consistency
- doesn't cover spots

Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer: £4.99

Libby's review: I adore this concealer because of its anti redness and how long it lasts. Its a dual action stick so it conceals and covers redness and it does exactly that. It last for ages and is easy to blend. I like to wear this under my foundation, it looks smooth and has a nice finish. You can buy this for just over £1 on because it has been discontinued in shops. I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing it. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: £3.99

Steph's Review:

I brought the translucent shade of this powder and I've only ever used it once, but i think it's great to put on top of liquid foundation but it doesn't last as long as i wish it would. It doesn't look shiny which is a plus side and it's not cakey at all.

Libby's Review: 

I used to use this product all the time before I lost it at a party. It covers/sets foundation well and leaves you with a nice matte finish. I even like the smell of this product. 

Liquid foundation swatches

We hope you liked this post & it's helped you, lot's of love.


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