Saturday, 21 September 2013

Super Easy Hairstyles! ♡

(please excuse our weirdness)

Hairstyle 1: Messy bun

Flip your hair down

Group your hair together, as if you were to tie it in a pony tail                                                              

Twist the hair until it forms a bun shape, it doesn't have to be perfect

Bring the bun to the top of your hair and tie it with a hair band

Adjust the bun to how you like it, you may pull out strands of hair to give a more messy look

And ta-dah!

(libby hiding her beautiful face)

Hairstyle 2: High pony tail

Brush out any knots in your hair

Flip your hair down again

Group your hair together

Bring your hair up

Tie it up with a hair band

(OPTIONAL) back comb your hair a little bit

Ta-dah! :)

Hairstyle 3: half up, half down

mess up your hair a little bit (this may sound crazy)

part your hair how you usually have it, usually side parting looks best! grab a strand of hair (what a funny eye haha)

grab another strand of hair from the other side and put them together

Clip the two strands together and ta-dah (so easy)

From this hairstyle you can also make a bun, just twist all the hair and tie it up

we hope you liked our first post, if you have any suggestions just comment!

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