Saturday, 26 October 2013

Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation Review

Hey guys it's steph and today i will be reviewing the Estee lauder maximum cover camouflage foundation, wow that's a lot of words.  This is going to be a really detailed review and i hope it helps someone!

This is currently the foundation i use and if you have acne/ acne scars like me then i hope this can help you.

So when i came back from my holidays i decided i needed a new foundation as my old one didn't have enough coverage and i'd literally cake my face in it (ew i know).  I spent a whole day on the internet looking at reviews of full coverage foundations and when i went to boots i asked some counters for samples to try on.

If you're fussy like me you know how hard it is to find the right foundation and it's even harder if you have acne and you feel the need to cover your face and not look orange.  I tried bare minerals, revlon, derma blend, clarins, and a few more but none of them worked for me, although they might work for you.

I was really excited when i heard about the ester lauder maximum cover and i decided to go to boots again,  i went to the estee lauder counter in debenhams and the lady didn't let me have a sample she said it was such a shame to cover my skin so much. So then i went to boots and they matched me to the shade "very light" and gave me a small sample. I tried the foundation on at home and it covered everything i thought i was amazing,  so the next day off i went to boots again to buy the actual foundation but they said that shade was discontinued, i was so annoyed as it was the only thing that matched my pale skin and covered at the same time.  In the end after searching a lot and going to literally every boots in england, i bought it from ebay, we had to bid for it, it was the only one left and we had to pay a bit more but i'm so glad i've got it now.


It's quite sad to say this is the only thing that covers my spots, it is really hight coverage (tattoo coverage) but don't be put off by that because it's not heavy or thick at all!

although i think this foundation is great, it's not perfect and it does have some cons to it.

Good things about it:
-This covers any imperfections or redness you may have
- It's not orange at all, intact it might be a bit pale
- it doesn't look like your wearing a ton of make up
- matches skin
- Lasts ALL day
- Doesn't make my face worse/ break me out
- packaging is easy to use

Bad things:
- if your skin is dry it will stick to yours dry patches, make sure your moisture before hand
- it can be hard to blend sometimes
- i've noticed at the end of the day it goes a bit darker but not hugely
-  it can transfer onto peoples clothes if you hug them, be careful

Would i reccomend it?
if you have any imperfections or you are insecure then i definitely recommend this, but if your skin is already naturally beautiful then maybe use something more light coverage but that's just my opinion.  Also i know some people say not to wear make-up if you have acne but i haven't noticed it's made my skin any worse & i hope it works for you too! I'm sorry for such a long review, i hope you have a lovely day :)

(it's a bit messy haha )

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