Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dove Oil Care: shampoo, conditioner & serum!

Hello lovely's, it's Steph. It's my second time repurchasing the dove oil care range and i keep forgetting to write a review so here we go.


Ever since i did ombre on my hair it has been a little dry and damaged so i was looking for a good shampoo that could make my hair feel soft. I also used to wash my hair everyday which was a silly mistake! I have to admit when i read the words 'oil care' i was worried that it might make my hair greasy but i was really suprised that it made my hair last a good 2 days before it got a little greasy, this may not seem like a lot of time but my hair use to get oily after 1 day. This is my new favourite shampoo it leaves my hair so smooth and shiny!

The conditioner is also great, i would suggest this product if you have frizzy hair or fly away's because it really keeps everything under control and you only need the tiniest amount. I usually leave this on my hair for a few minutes and then rinse it out and my hair feels amazing.

I use the serum on my ends once i come out the shower, a little goes a long way & it de-tangles any knots. 

Overall i would recommend these products to anyone and i think there is an offer on at boots so if you're quick you can get them cheaper :)

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