Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sleepover: ideas, movies & more

Hello lovely's, we decided to make a big post for everything you will need when having a sleepover, we have made this into a challenge so if you and your friends manage to complete it drop us a comment below or tag us in a post and we will check it out! :)

Movies: watch 3 of these while in pyjamas                                      
 Any animated movie                                                                 
- Angus thongs and perfect snogging                                              
- The perks of being a wallflower                                                  
- The art of getting by                                                                  
- High school musical (Libby made me)                                         
- Mean girls                                                                                 
- Princess diaries                                                                          
- Elf
- Harry potter                                                                              
- Wild child 
-The notebook
- 500 days of summer
- 13 going on 30
- A walk to remember
- 21 jump street
- The croods
- Despicable me 2

Food: eat 2 of these
- Popcorn
- Brownies + icecream
- Jelly
- Fruit salad
- Pizza
- Hot chocolate

DIY/videos/ideas:  do 4 of these
- Creative make up tutorials
- DIY notebooks, scrapbooks, lip balm, nail polish, t-shirt
- Hairstyles
- Do some photography/editing
- Make a fruit smoothie
- Make a tent of blankets, pillows and sleeping bags
- go for a walk
- make a bucketlist include pictures from tumblr,weheartit etc

TV series: watch one season                                                          
- Misfits                                                                                       
- Inbetweeners                                                                              
- Friends                                                                                      
- New Girl                                                                                                          
- Bad Education                                                                            
- Big School                                                                                 
- Big bang theory

 Books: read half of one
- The kissing booth 
- Wattpad stories
- P.S i love you
- The fault in our stars
- The book thief

Music: listen to one playlist
- Sad


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