Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nail biting + SEVENTEEN rock hard nail effects review

Hey guys, i've recently stopped biting my nails so i thought i'd make a little post :)

Breaking the habit

I've bitten my nails ever since i remember and it wasn't just a little bit, my nails actually hurt and i would peel my skin off without even realising, gross! I had tried to stop before but i would always return to my bad habit after a while but i'm not sure what motivated me to try again this time, maybe it was because summer was approaching and seeing everyone with lovely nails made me think.

These are just a few things that helped me:

- if like me you bite your nails when you are nervous / without realising, when you are about to bite your nail pull on a hair band instead

- make a folder on your phone or computer with inspirational pictures and look at them everyday to keep you motivated

- i downloaded the 'biter be goner' app onto my phone which keeps track of your progress, you just need to take a photo frequently and it saves onto a log

- i also downloaded the 'habitual' app, everyday that you don't bite your nails you tick it off and the app sends you cute little inspirational notifications 

- some people find it easier to start with just one nail you won't bite and work your way from there

it was surprisingly not as difficult as i expected although my nails are no where near long they feel much better.


 SEVENTEEN Rock Hard Nails Effect: Black

                                                            [£3.99 & available in red,black,blue,grey]

While in boots i decided i wanted to find a matte black nail polish and the 'seventeen rock hard' was the only one i could find. i was really excited to paint my nails for the first time but i was also scared it would look silly as my nails are still short. 

  i didn't realise the nail polish was actually textured but i really love it, it has a gritty like pattern. It's a    little thicker than other nail varnishes but it is easy to apply and i only needed one coat although the  bottle said to apply two coats. It also dries very quickly which is great!

                                  sorry about the weird hand, i wasn't going to add this in!

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  1. I've never bitten my nails, but it seems really hard to break that habit, so congrats :)
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    1. hey vic, thank you very much it's only difficult the first few weeks!:)x


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