Saturday, 27 June 2015

Being kind to yourself + my new room

Once again we have failed to write any posts as predicted, we are really sorry to anyone who actually reads them which is probably only like 1 person if we are lucky- we have been busy with GCSE's! Also, i noticed that our older posts are quite terrible / embarassing so i promise we will try to improve them hopefully over summer. We hope you are all well and here is a little post.

I think that taking care of yourself is really important and sometimes you need some time for yourself, here are some of my favourite products:

    Dirty works: buff your stuff scrub £3 (i use this in the bath when shaving my legs and it leaves my       skin feeling really soft)
    Magik: Dead sea salts £5.99 ( i got this from Holland and Barrett, i've only used it once as i got it       recently but it seems great to put in your bath to relax)
    Champneys: skin comforting butter £10 (this is quite expensive but i got it as a present in a pack         and it honestly smells amazing)
    Lush: Dark angels £6.75 ( i use this atleast once a week to exfoliate my skin and remove any dead     skin cells, it can be quite difficult to get off if you don't use a warm flannel but it hasn't irritated           my skin which is a plus!)
    Burts Bee's: soothing lip balm ( i can't actually find this on the website as it is quite old but they         have very similar ones. I do really like this but it can leave my lips a bit dry and i also have a tinted     lib balm of this which is lovely)
    Boots: lavender oil £5.49 ( i use this most nights on my pillow and i think it does help me get to         sleep and i find the smell very soothing- you could probably use this in a diffuser too)

This is my 'worry box', if i ever feel nervous about something ill write it on a piece of paper, put it in the hole and try my best not to think about it. In a few months i empty it and re-read them and it just makes me realise that things seem much bigger at the time. (Yes i did paint it and im aware it looks very bad haha)

   Here is a panorama of my new room- i just realised it looks very messy and the wall is incomplete      but oh well! 

   I hope you enjoyed this post! 

   - Steph

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